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Custom Games Tables: A Fun Way to Bring People Together

ping pong table Canada

In a time when people’s lives are mostly dominated by apps and computers, who would have thought that custom games tables would be some of our top-selling furniture.

But there's a reason the high-end ping pong tables and modern shuffleboard tables we make at Union Wood Co are getting so much attention: These purpose-built tables are the perfect way to bring people together. Whether it’s at the office during breaks or at home over the weekend, tabletop games are a much-needed way to share in some good times with the people in your life.

Game Room Tables Made in Canada

The made-to-order games tables in our Vancouver, BC, woodworking shop are not the traditional tables you might remember playing on in your grandparent's basement rec room. We’ve modernized the table design so they can be played on in a variety of living environments.

shuffleboard table Canada

Custom Shuffleboard Table

Completely erase the image you have in your mind of clunky, traditional shuffleboard tables and replace it with one of our clean-lined tables. We designed our modern shuffleboard tables to bring the game's competitive fun into people’s contemporary lives. 

We've built our shuffleboard tables for office break rooms, bars, ski lodges, and family game rooms. Our clients are buying them for their communal spaces because they want to give people an entertaining and easy way to interact with one another. Our shuffleboard tables are a guaranteed blast while team building with co-workers or bonding over drinks with all your best mates. 

Better yet, our shuffleboard tables can be personalized to suit your space and needs. Choose from two base options and a selection of surface materials—you can even specify the overall table length.

modern shuffleboard table

Shuffleboard Table Length

Wondering how long shuffleboards tabes are? Follow these links to get all of our product details, download table specifications, and request a quote to find our how much shuffleboard tables are: The Break Shuffleboard Table and Court Shuffleboard Table.

high end ping pong tables

Premium Ping Pong Tables

If you shop around long enough for ping pong tables you’ll quickly see that there are a few things that set ours apart from other options. We designed these high-end ping pong tables for people who are looking for an elevated games table that complements their modern home or office. We wanted our ping pong tables to look as good as they function.

In areas where space is tight, our ping pong tables also serve a dual function. They can easily transition from a fun games table to a professional conference table, or a spacious dining table, simply by popping the net off.

Similar to the shuffleboard tables, the table tennis tables can be customized by selecting one of three base options, tabletop materials and extras like hand-painted boundary lines for more competitive players. If you're extra tight for space, we can scale the table down to take up a smaller footprint.

designer ping pong tables

Ping Pong Table Dimensions

Are you wondering how big regulation-sized ping pong tables are? Follow these links for more product details, download specifications, and to contact us to find our how much ping pong tables are: The Break Ping Pong Table, Court Ping Pong Table, Column Ping Pong Table.

tabletop ping pong

Shop our custom games tables collection to find the perfect one for you. All of our furniture is made to order so feel free to contact us about custom ideas you don’t see from our current offerings (how about having your company logo engraved on the playing surface?). Also, be sure to keep an eye on Union Wood Co because we may be adding outdoor games tables to our collection in spring 2020!

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Written By: Todd Mitchell
Photography: Janine See Photography


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