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6 Home Office Furniture Ideas: Time to Upgrade!

A major perk of going into the office is that everything you need to be productive and organized is there for you. But now that working from home is becoming more common, we all need home office furniture ideas that will give the convenience of an office plus the comforts of home.

home office furniture ideas

6 Home Office Furniture Ideas to Improve Your Work Life

If you’ve been making due with taking over your dining table or sinking into your sofa to get your work done, then this is the perfect place for you to get a modern home office furniture upgrade. 

There’s no way for you to do your best work if you’re not set up for success. We have 6 furniture industry tips that’ll completely improve the way you work!

1. Home Office Furniture That Fits In

Setting up a home office does not mean you need to fully convert a corner of your home into a 9-5 space. The key to keeping your space feeling comfortable is to pick home office furniture that blends in with the rest of your furniture and style.

modern home office furniture
home office furniture

Our Slider Sideboard or All-Black Cabinet can double as storage for files, office supplies, and all your kid’s toys. One of the perks of ordering furniture from us is that everything we build is made to order. This gives us the opportunity to build each piece of furniture to meet your specific needs, including home office requirements. Both of these cabinets can be designed to include filing cabinets, drawer organizers, and even built in power stations for you to charge your devices with.

modern office storage

There is no building material out there that gives the same warmth and feel as natural wood. Typical office furniture is made from cold plastics in drab colours. It’s not really ideal if you don’t want your workspace to visually take over your home. Having home office furniture made from solid North American hardwood will blur the line between the two. Check out our material page to see all the wood options we offer!

2. Ergonomic Home Office Furniture

Ergonomic is a hot word in the office furniture world and that is for a good reason! Ergonomics is the practice of designing with people’s comfort and safety in mind. 

ergonomic home office desk

Sitting at a stationary desk all day isn’t the best for anyone. Not only is the lack of movement not ideal for your overall health, the set height of a table may not be serving your productivity and body proportions. A height adjustable desk like our Essentials Desk is an ergonomic solution because it gives people the opportunity to adjust the height of their work surface to suit their needs. 

The standard height for a table is about 30”. This dimension is an average height that works for most people in temporary seated situations like eating a meal or having a team meeting. For tables that you sit at for a prolonged amount of time, it’s ideal to have the convenience of adjusting the height for your body proportions. 

modern adjustable desk

Adjusting the height gives you the opportunity to move around throughout the day while still sticking to the task at hand. Stand while you take your 10th Zoom meeting in the afternoon or take a minute to recharge and stretch your legs out.

The standard 30” table height is not ideal for people of all sizes. If you are above or below average height, you know how standard dimensions don’t work in every situation. A height adjustable desk lets you raise or lower the work surface  height to be more ergonomic. 

3. Have a Multi-Functional Desk

Our Irons Training Table is a simple but effective desk for home offices or small spaces. They have two features that make them more adaptable to busy living than a standard desk. 

This multi-functional desk can easily be rolled around your home on its caster wheels and locked into position so your kids can’t steal it for a roller derby down your halls. Having a mobile desk frees you up from working in one set area of your home. On days that you need some peace and quiet, roll it into a room and shut the door. If one afternoon the sun is shining into your living room just right, roll the table over and enjoy some sunshine.

The best feature of the Irons Training Table is that it’s a foldable desk: the table top flips up at the touch of a handle. Having a flip top desk  makes it extra easy to move around and fit through doorways. This is an extra bonus for spaces that are now serving a dual function. You can fold your desktop up just in time for your office to become your gym for the 5:00 yoga class you signed up for.

home office wood desk

Check out the Irons Desk if you like the look of the Irons Training Table but don’t need the extra convenience of its casters and flip function. 

4. Work From Your Sofa

There’s no judgement here if you’d rather work at your sofa than your desk. Being cozy is a major plus of working at home!

sofa laptop table

To make the ideal working situation top notch, we’d suggest adding a Sidekick Laptop C Table to your home office set-up. It’s the perfect lounge partner for you to prop your computer on while you work, and a nice option for small spaces. The table’s
c-shaped form is designed to comfortably position the tabletop over your lap while the base can slide under your couch. Not only is this convenient to use but it’s also more ergonomic by preventing you from getting eaten by your cushions. 

home office laptop stand

An extra bonus is that this laptop table includes a hidden Qi charging station for your phone or mobile device (48" cord included).

5. Bring the Office Home

Sometimes there is no need to reinvent the wheel! That is certainly the case with our Stokes Filing Cabinet. This classic filing cabinet design gets the job done the old fashioned way, keeping your home office tidy and organized. But don’t let it’s traditional function fool you, these metal filing cabinets have a modern look that will look right at home in your space. Choose from our selection of colours on our materias page or talk to us about a special order colour. 

home office storage
home filing cabinets

We offer two sizes of filing cabinets: pedestal and lateral. There are a multitude of configurations you can choose from for the drawer layouts. So let us know if you need extra storage for legal size paper or two drawers for pens instead of one.

6. Modern Home Office Furniture Accessories 

We may not be the Geek Squad from those big box electronic stores, but we have a good selection of modern office furniture accessories that will give your home office a tech upgrade.

office furniture accessories

For example, single or dual monitor desk mounts. These adjustable mounts work hand-in-hand with ergonomic desks. Adjust the height, angle, and depth of your monitor while you work so that the screen is level with your face. Having to look down or up at your computer puts strain on your neck and shoulders. It’s not ideal for your comfort or long term health. 

home office charger

Putting in long hours at work (or losing 10 hours of our life to YouTube) will drain your computer’s battery fast. Keep up the charge with our Burelé Surface Mount - QI Charger or the less conspicuous Under-Mount Mini Edge Box. Both will keep your computer fully charged while you work or relax.

There’s also desktop mounted outlets, wire grommets, and cable management tools that can be incorporated into any custom desk order to help make your home office function more like the real thing.

We’d love to upgrade your home office furniture with any of these ideas. Shop the collection or contact us about any custom office furniture ideas that you have in mind. 

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