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Our 24 Hour Guide to San Francisco

We recently spent a few days in one of America’s most beautiful cities, San Francisco. This place should be on the top of your travel list because it has so much great food, beautiful sightseeing, wicked shopping and the possibility of a DJ Tanner encounter! San Francisco has so much to offer that we’ve taken the best parts of our trip and condensed it down to a 24 hour guide for you!


This is a treat yo’ self trip so start the morning out with a decadent dish from one of San Francisco’s highly stylish restaurants, Marlowe. You’ll walk in and immediately understand why we sent you their way. The place is gorgeously decorated in black and white tiles and warm leather upholstery. We ordered the crispy fried chicken sandwich and the cast iron skillet, you should too!


After brunch, take an Uber to the Marina District to pick up a rental bike. You can get day long rentals from Golden Gate Bike Rental for only $36.00 USD. Cruise around the neighbourhood to see all the architecture San Fran is famous for or peddle along the water to check out prime Instagram locations like the insanely gorgeous Palace of Fine Arts Theatre or Baker Beach for your quintessential selfie with the Golden Gate Bridge. Pics or it didn’t happen!

Speaking of that bridge, you have to ride your bike across it! The San Francisco side of the bridge is a tourist trap so you may have to commit a couple hit and runs to make your way onto it but once you get going, the view of the bay and city makes it worth it! 


When you make it across the bridge, just keep going until you get to the quaint seaside town of Sausalito. We’re technically not in San Francisco anymore but it still counts on our tour!

If you are hungry get some lunch at Barrel House. They have amazing bar seating along their outdoor patio. It’s worth waiting for these seats because of the panoramic view you’ll enjoy while eating your pan roasted king salmon on ratatouille and polenta fries. After your eats, hit Sausalito’s main street to browse all the shops and spend some cash on souvenirs you don’t need. Or, get a couple scoops of locally made ice cream from Lappert’s Ice Cream.

The best way to get back to San Fran is by jumping on the ferry for about $12.00 USD. The ferries can get really busy and congested so pre-book your spot earlier in the afternoon. Get a seat on the top deck so you can enjoy that gorgeous San Francisco skyline again and get a good look at Alcatraz as the ferry glides by.  


Once you’ve returned your bikes (good luck with all those hills!) call our friends at Uber to shuttle you to the Mission District’s Valencia Street. It’s been a long day so get dropped off at coffee pros, Four Barrel Coffee, for a strong espresso and a croissant nibble. After that little break, it’s time to wander down Valencia Street to check out all the great shopping it has to offer. Make sure you stop into the Victorian style curiosity shop, Paxton Gate, and stationary nerd heaven, Top Drawer. If your credit card needs a breather, take a side step down Clarion Alley to check out all of the colourful murals from the Clarion Mural Project.

By the end of day you'll be starving! Stop at industrial chic, Brasserie Saint James, to enjoy a few of their award winning, house brewed, beers. No matter what you decide on ordering to eat, make sure you try their Brasserie Poutine. They do a really good job at making our Canadian classic!

After all those beers and a long day of hustling the city, we're pretty sure you'll be ready to hit that hotel bed hard. Good night San Fransisco!

Todd Mitchell
San Fransisco skyline -
Marlowe Restaurant -
Baker Beach -
Sausalito - Rachel Kramer
Barrel House Restaurant -
Clarion Alley - (Stephanie Wright Hession)
Brasserie Saint James -
San Fransisco night shot -


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