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Table Size & Seating Capacity Guide

Some of the most common questions we get here at Union Wood Co are around how to calculate a table size. 'What size is a dining table for 8?' is a popular one, followed closely by, 'How many people can sit at a 6 ft table?'. 

Choosing a table size and shape can be a mind-bending exercise - there’s math involved! But we’ve taken care of those calculations and put all of the numbers into some easy to read table size and seating capacity charts. They’ll tell you how many people you can fit around a table (traditionally and with social distancing) based on the table’s size and shape. 

table size seating guide

How to Choose a Table Size and Shape

At Union Wood Co we offer five different table shapes - rectangle, racetrack, barrel, square, and round. Each shape has its own characteristic that’ll affect a table’s overall size and seating capacity. We’ve made a chart for each of our shapes or shape groups.

Rectangular Table Size

This first chart shows table seating capacity for rectangular, barrel, and racetrack tables. Though they may look different at first glance, they are all variations of the same basic shape and can fit the same number of people around them.

rectangular table sizes

Square Table Size

The chart for square tables shows dimensions and seating capacity for a single table and a square parameter table. A single square table is not ideal for larger formats because the middle of the table ends up being unusable space and the extra surface area is a waste of material. A clever alternative is building multiple single tables that combine together to form a single parameter table. 

square table sizes

Round Tables

Our table size seating guide for round tables is the same as square tables. The chart shows seating capacity for single round tables and then for large format parameter tables.

round table sizes

Download the charts so you always have them on hand!

If you want to know more about table shapes and tabe use you should check out our other resource page How to Choose the Right Table for Dining, Working, Meeting & More

Now that you know the size of table you need, let's start your project! You can shop our collection of dining tables, boardroom tables, and more or contact us for a custom quote.


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