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The Story Of Union Wood Co's New Logo

We’re excited to share our new logo with you — it’s part of the new look for Union Wood Co. Our refreshed brand identity is a throwback to heritage times and old-school woodworking techniques. It’s a reflection of our passion for our craft of constructing solid wood furniture. The new logo was created to show all this off — we know you’ll love it as much as we do.

Union Wood Co logo drawing

Our workshop is based in an industrial district of Vancouver’s Eastside, an area full of mechanics, metal shops, and artisans. We call them all our neighbours. The area has always always been a hub for talented trades people and manufacturing. In the good old days, Union Wood Co's workshop originally was a wool mill.

Every part of our story and identity has industrial roots that still hold strong. We’re stoked to be part of a community of people who build and work by hand. We wanted our new logo to reflect the tradition of where we came from and where we are now.

logo inspiration - archive image

We also wanted to create a logo that felt the same way our furniture feels — designed with passion and hand crafted to last a lifetime. Instead of something mass produced on an assembly line, we wanted our logo to have a vibe that matched the character of our craft.

logo and graphic design inspiration
To design our new logo, we met Aaron Underwood of Unto Dust, a visual and graphic designer based in Portland, Oregon. He was the perfect partner for refreshing the look of our company name. We found him through his thoughtfully curated Instagram account. When we came across it, we knew he was someone we wanted to be friends with. 

Graphic designer Unto Dust projectUnto Dust custom font

What stood out the most to us was what he had created for the other brands he'd worked with. Instead of designing logos (or logotypes) like a generic font, he created everything with a noticeable personal touch. A quality we're also known for.

Union Wood Co logo options

Aaron immediately got what we were looking for, and knew exactly how to approach creating a new logo for us. “Like the craftspeople at Union Wood Co, we blend the use of age-old tools and modern aesthetics to create a brand identity that is original and as significant today as it will be years from now,” he explains. “We embraced all the bumps and bruises that occurred during the process of creating each brand element by hand. The irregularities and variations add character, depth, and a unique story, making the brand identity memorable and truly one-of-a-kind.”

He took our vision and inspiration to create the logo that you see today — it expresses who we are and what we care about at Union Wood Co. We’re a group of designers and builders who always work towards quality goods, good style, and good service. We’re proud to build meaningful and lasting pieces that bring people together. 

official Union Wood Co logo
logo mockups for Union Wood Co

Now that you know the story of designing our new logo, we hope you feel the love we have for it too. Get to know us better by checking out more about who we are at Union Wood Co. Or, take a look at some of the things that we design and build — like our solid wood dining tables or office furniture.


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