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Design Crush: Finnish Designed Sauna Savu


We have something to admit. We’re in love with a sauna. Chances are, now that you’ve seen it, you are too. And how could you not be? Just look at how gorgeous she is!

Our new love goes by the name Sauna Savu, which is Finnish for smoke sauna. A fitting name since smoke saunas actually originated in Finland and the designers behind the sauna are a group of four fine Finnish fellows. They designed and built the 87" square cube in traditional Finnish ways but reimagined these methods in a very modern way.


What catches our attention the most about the sauna is it's incredibly sexy charred exterior. This finish has a purpose outside of just looking superb. It is an old school technique used by craftsmen to protect the underlying wood from rot and decay. 

modern sauna

Luckily, there is no need for us all to fight for Sauna Savu’s attention. We can all have our own for around $18, 690.00 CDN + international shipping. That may seem a little steep for the chequebook at first, but we’re certain that once we're all in there surrounded by the sweet smell of smoke from the sauna's wood burning fireplace and steam from naturally collected rainwater, it will be 100% worth it. 

Check out Sauna Savu's website for more info and some really great pictures of installed saunas in beautiful locations. 

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WRITTEN BY: Todd Mitchell


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