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5 Signs Your Workspace is Ready to Rock

Douglas Coupland describes the lonely cubicle farms as “veal fattening pens” in his book Generation X. He’d be happy to know that the cubicle era is finally fading away. Contemporary workspace promotes movement through the day and open communication. Here, we review five features of office furniture design that are key to a modern workspace.

Wire Management

Good design means planning, proactive thinking, and attention to detail. Mass produced office solutions often don’t cater to your company or employees specific needs. The result is tacky, distracting workspaces. Take the desk we built for a local ideas company me&lewis. Union Wood Co. was hired to build a workstation for four people that could also act as a central meeting point for larger team meetings. The powder-coated steel structure allows the desktop to overhang but allows open seating around 90% of the giant 5’ x 5’ table. The central support section of the table is made of whitewashed oak timber and features flip-up access panels for endless wire management. Goodbye, loose ends!     

Outdoor Elements

Interior designers are trying to bring some fresh air into dull office spaces. To brighten up the days of the office worker they attempt to bring the outside in. Many office environments feature living walls, hanging plants and all kinds of other foliage. Another way to incorporate the textures of the outside world is with weathered, reclaimed wood. It may be a feature wall made of an old barn planking or furniture build with this rustic wood. Union Wood Co. has equipped several offices with our custom pieces using reclaimed wood.

Community Tables

It's true that most problems stem from miscommunication. Communal tables act as an easy way to build strength and consistency in a team of coworkers.  Square, round or rectangle, we can build these tables to suit your space! On a recent build for TurF Vancouver, we designed and developed a 20’ communal table which acts as a centerpiece to the room.

Lounge/Breakout Areas

Designated lounge areas help to create a productive working environment. Desk-free spaces not only evoke creativity but also help to keep morale high. It’s a must to any office to include a dedicated lounge area to make working more enjoyable. For this Union Wood Co. created the Sunday Sofa. An ensemble of solid wood and soft upholstery is our salute to all hard working people. Meticulously crafted from walnut timbers using precision joinery this sofa is as handsome as it is comfortable. 

Group the Sunday Sofa with 2 Sunday Armchairs for an open and comfortable working space.

Brand Building Spaces

From the moment your clients and employees enter your office, it's important to make an impact. In a corporate world filled with so much noise, companies are jostling for market shares and your branding can often make a difference. Build your brand with statement pieces starting in areas that see customer traffic. Reception, corporate office, and meeting rooms have the greatest impact, so make sure your brand values, colors or logo are well represented.


Wall panel of reclaimed wood: Eleven-AM
The communal table: TurF

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