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Becoming a Woodworker: Meet Logan

Nothing that comes out of Union Wood Co. is built on its own. We have a team of skilled craftspeople putting their talents and heart into each and every project they work on. This got us wondering, how did all of these people wind up in the Union Wood Co. shop?


Meet Logan! He’s been with Union Wood Co. since February 2015, just a week shy of celebrating his 22nd birthday. Logan grew up in Quesnel, BC with a family of woodworkers. His father was a hobbyist who regularly renovated their family home and had a workshop he encouraged Logan to tinker around in. Logan's grandfather was also a woodworker who instilled his passion for working with his hands on Logan's father. When it came time to figure out what Logan wanted to do with his life, he rejected his family roots (as teens often do), jumped into his truck, and moved to the city to try and find his own path. He spent a few years working in tourism as a tour guide, but could not find the satisfaction he wanted from his work and could not shake the itch to create. When he gave in to those urges and decided to take woodworking seriously, he found himself at Union Wood Co.

becoming a woodworker

You can now find Logan in the shop doing pretty much everything. But the job he often ends up with is finishing because he’s become a pro at making a smooth mirror finish with hand-rubbed oils. For Logan, woodworking isn’t just a job, it’s a way to make a solid and physical impact on someone’s life by providing them with a quality piece of furniture they will live with and love for many years.

becoming a carpenter

For some fun, we asked Logan what tool he’d want to be turned into if he ran into a vengeful wizard. His answer was a good chisel because it’s the most useful and versatile tool in the toolbox. And we gotta say, that pretty much sums Logan up!

Interested in starting your own woodworking journey? Contact us at the shop to sign up for one of our woodworking classes.

WRITTEN BY: Todd Mitchell

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