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Ever Ridden a Bike Through the Air? This Designer Has

After building a tree house over 30 feet above the ground, Ethan Schlussler, needed a way up. But instead of building the standard ladder any ordinary bloke would have built, Schluter designed a human powered bicycle elevator!


This is what we like to see! Someone who uses their ingenuity, resourcefulness and the true MacGyver spirit to solve a construction problem unlike anyone before them. Schulter used things like his mom’s old bike, car parts, a radiator and a self-rigged pulley system to make the smooth ride up into his treetop escape.

Check out the elevator in action below. But before you watch it, we're gonna be honest, the video lacks the cool factor the design deserves! It’s just a dude on a bike. But instead of going forward when he starts to peddle, he goes up! So, it’s still pretty sweet!

Todd Mitchell

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