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Enter a Whole New World with the Ant House

Seeing the Ant House's geometric shape and metal clad exterior walls from the street, you’d have no idea of the simplistic beauty it contains. Going through its front door would take you into a new world of pure minimalism, playful shapes and warm wood.

Entering a whole new world was mA-style architects inspiration for the home. They wondered what it would be like going down into an ant nest. And we can totally see their idea come through. The irregular cuts and peek-a-boo holes in the walls remind us of a cross section from an ant farm in science class (a really chic and modern ant farm!). 

What the cuts also do is allow for natural light to stream through the home’s open concept. How beautiful is all that warm light reflecting off the smooth larch plywood the whole home is lined with?

If you like this design, you should check out mA-style architects full portfolio. It’s full of treasure, after treasure!

WRITTEN BY: Todd Mitchell
PHOTOGRAPHY: mA-style architects - Kai Nakamura 


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