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6 Ways to Make Your Desk Feel Like Home

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Our favourite saying around Union Wood Co. is “The reward for good work is more work.” It was said by American contemporary artist, Tom Sachs, and we could not agree with him more! Work shouldn't be boring, it should be something you are proud of.  That’s why we’ve started developing our office furniture line. It’s our way of offering you quality furniture that helps improve your productivity and keeps you producing good work! If you are like us, you probably spend more time working away as you do dreaming in your bed. We think your workstation should have all the comforts of home. We've put together 6 styling ideas that will make you want to place a welcome mat in front of your desk.

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Invest In Your Own Supplies

The basic office supplies from Staples aren’t going to cut it! There are so many great stores out there to shop from that offer office supplies that will match their stylish form to their 9-5 function. A couple of our favourites are MUJI or CB2.


custom desk

Go Vertical

Don’t limit your workspace to just your desktop. Take over the nearest wall and make it your own! Applying a corkboard, installing shelves, or painting the wall a bold colour will give you the perfect backdrop to display photos or build an inspiration board full of beautiful images.  

Build your own desk and storage system with our custom The Library desk. Go vertical and make your space as functional as possible!

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Embrace Your Personal Style

Your desk does not only have to house your work supplies. Bring your personal style to work by styling your workstation with objects and treasures you love. Think of your desk as more of a bookshelf or coffee table you’d have on display in your living room. Beware though, excesses clutter will distract you from the task at hand so be mindful of not overcrowding yourself. 

desk plants

Add a Touch of Life

Computers and staplers don’t offer much companionship. Bring your own friends to work with potted plants (or even a beta fish!). Not only will you have someone to gossip with between breaks, but you’ll also add another dimension of life to your workspace. Try finding interesting (and pet-friendly) vessels to give your new friend(s) a beautiful home. 

how to personalize your desk

Bring Home to You

All of your hard work probably isn’t just for the satisfaction of doing a good job. You’re probably working to achieve a goal, save up for a trip, providing for your loved ones, or a million other reasons. Keep reminders of your reasons around! That way, when you get to work on that dreaded Monday morning you’ll be reminded of what you’re really there for!

adjustable desk

Stretch Your Legs Out

Instead of spending all day hunched over your desk, stretch your legs out with our height adjustable Essentials Desk. Its adjustable heights will give you a chance to break up your day and improve your overall efficiency. 

Shop Union Wood Co’s office section to see all the quality office furniture we have to offer. If you want to add some extra fun to your office, check out our Pender Desk (do you know how to play ping-pong?) It transforms from a functional desk into a modern ping-pong table!

WRITTEN BY: Todd Mitchell
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