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Eco-Surrealist Painter: Josh Keyes

Josh Keyes

We’re in complete awe of the stunning work of eco-surrealist painter, Josh Keyes. Especially these paintings he’s done which depict graffiti in impossible places. Because really, how’d that badass astronaut sneak all those cans of spray paint past security?

eco surrealist

Each of Keyes’ paintings are meant to make us see the impact our urban sprawl is having on the natural world around us. The graffiti paintings specifically ask us what is the mark we are leaving on the world?

Josh Keyes paintings

Keyes’ dystopian scenes reminds us of Union Wood Co’s early days when hours were spent in demolition sites and abandoned buildings salvaging perfectly usable, but discarded, wood. We took those forgotten scraps and turned them into pieces of furniture people now cherish. In a time when quantity has surpassed quality, we’re here to create goods made with a care and purpose to last forever. That’s the mark we’re leaving.

oasis josh keyes

Now that you are a fan of Josh Keyes, like us, go follow him on Instagram so you can see more of his paintings and maybe buy a few of his limited edition prints.

Todd Mitchell
1) Frontier 1, 19"x24", acrylic on birch panel, 2015 Private collection
2) I'll Melt With You, 12"x16", acrylic on birch panel, 2016, private collection
3) Descent, 8"x10", acrylic on birch panel, 2016, private collection
4) Oasis, 17"x11", acrylic on birch panel, 2016, private collection


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