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Our Collaboration with Fluevog

One of our favourite clients to work with is the store design team over at Fluevog. Through the years we’ve built furniture for many of their locations; including a whole store renovation in Chicago. Our latest collaboration with them is this cash desk we made for their Granville Street store. What’s really cool about this particular design is that it’s based off a desk built by the man himself, John Fluevog, many moons ago. It was an honour for us to update his 20th century work with the functional organization and electrical requirements of his 21st century store.

We don’t typically get to build many antique inspired pieces so building this was a fun exercise in wood working techniques for everyone in the shop. We had to build the whole thing with super precise angles and curves to make the faceted sides and mouldings look perfect.

A special treat for our head honcho, Craig, was the material used to veneer the desk’s front panel. He’s been wanting to use angled tambour sheets for a while now. The beveled texture of the material was the perfect way to give the desk that old school vibe.

If you are shopping on Granville Street make sure you pop into Fluevog and check the desk out!

P.S. - Drop into the shop if you like the look of the tambour sheets. It has some wicked potential to add an awesome element to your space. We’d love to see it stained black and used as angular wall panelling!

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