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Designed to Stand The Test of Time: Intro Bed 2.0

Canadian made furniture Vancouver

When we first started Union Wood Co., we quickly gained a reputation for building quality Canadian made furniture from the best-reclaimed wood we could salvage from around Vancouver. Like all good things, our tastes and vision continue to evolve as we get a little older and a little more refined (I swear we are!). Today, what sets our brand of furniture apart from others is focusing less on trends and instead building furniture that stands the test of time. One of our favourite new designs is the Intro Bed 2.0. It's the last bed you'll ever need to buy.

We set out to design the bed from the perspective of a woodworker. It’s about the craftsmanship of the build, the quality of the product, and embracing simplicity with its solid timber construction. Nothing on the Intro Bed 2.0 is there without a reason. This utilitarian approach elevates the aesthetic of the bed without trying too hard to be anything but what it is.

hand made furniture vancouversolid wood furniture

The Intro Bed 2.0, as with all our products, is designed to last.  One of our mantras around the shop is, "Invest in quality products - and keep them for life."  As styles and trends continue to change, the Intro Bed 2.0 is a piece of furniture that will never need to be replaced.

Shop the Intro Bed 2.0 and our other Canadian made solid wood furniture on The Union Wood Co. website. Contact us at the shop if you have any questions or custom furniture requests. If you liked this Union Wood Co. designs than you should also read our post about Celebrating Natural Beauty with Union Wood Co's Birch Bark Series.

WRITTEN BY: Todd Mitchell

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