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Vancouver Interior Design Instagram Accounts You Have To Follow (Part 1)

There are so many talented and creative designers in Vancouver! Every day we look forward to signing into our @unionwoodco account to double tap all of the amazing work people are producing and getting a sneak peek into what inspires them. We love it so much that we wanted to share with you the accounts that keep us wanting to do good work.

There are a ton of noteworthy designers out there so this is just part 1 of the top Vancouver Interior Design Instagram accounts you have to follow! Enjoy!

kelly deck design

Kelly Deck Design - @kellydeckdesign

Kelly Deck Design describes their firm as elegant, inviting, and tasteful. Based on their beautifully curated feed, we ‘d say they know their brand well! Kelly Deck Design’s account is a great one to follow to see a design firm’s inspiration, their work in progress, and the polished end result.  We built one of our first Kitchen Tables for Kelly Deck Design 8 years ago and knew great things would continue to come!

falken reynolds

Falken Reynolds Interiors - @falkenreynolds

Falken Reynolds Interiors contemporary aesthetic comes across in every one of their posts. Scrolling through their account is like spending a Sunday afternoon browsing art galleries and furniture showrooms. But don’t be afraid to touch the merchandise, Falken Reynolds Interiors spaces are equally stunning as they are inviting.  Beautifully styled and perfectly executed, its clear how much energy these designers put into their work.

area3 design

Area3 - @area3design

Area3's beautiful feed blends their refined design work with what seems like a never-ending supply of what inspires them.  The result? Non-stop eye candy for anyone who loves good design. Something we all have in common with Area3!

smd interiors Vancouver, BC

SMD Interiors - @smd.interiors

SMD Interiors’ account exudes the simplicity of minimalist design. Their passion for clean lines makes us breathe a little easier while we scroll through their feed. Maybe we're a little bit biased, but we especially love how their clever use of wood brings warmth to spaces that could otherwise seem cold.

tanya krpan design

Tanya Krpan Design Co. - @tanyakrpandesignco 

What caught our attention on Tanya Krapan Design Co.’s account is the charming character their projects have because of the thoughtful details they’ve included in their designs. The latest project featured on their account has a repeated arch feature and playful millwork details that feel both timeless and fresh. We want to keep following their account to see how they'll surprise us next!

Make sure to follow all of these designers so you can continue to be inspired by their work. And watch for part 2 where we’ll continue showcasing the amazing talent Vancouver designers have to offer!

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WRITTEN BY: Todd Mitchell
PHOTO CREDITS: All images screen captured from the respective designer's Instagram account. Credited photographers are listed below.
Kelly Deck Design - Barry Calhoun Photography  
Falken Reynolds interiors & SMD Interiors - Ema Peter Photography
Area3 - Kristen McGaughey 
Tanya Krapen Design - Janis Nicolay Photography 

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