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Designing a Kitchen That's Functional and Gorgeous

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When we build furniture at Union Wood Co. we make each piece with the highest level of quality and care so that it has a lifelong guarantee. Having spent the past 9 years mastering our furniture building techniques, the natural progression for Union Wood Co. is to take what we’ve learned and apply it to kitchen design. Kitchen cabinets are really an extension of your home’s furniture. Being the furniture that gets the hardiest ware, it needs to be built to last.

When The Trail House design started to take shape, it gave the owner of Union Wood Co., Craig Pearce, and his interior designer wife, Kendra, the perfect opportunity to put Union Wood Co.’s expertise to use. (New to The Trail House journey? Read our first post Welcome to The Trail House – The Dream Cabin We’re Making a Reality)

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For the couple, the kitchen is the soul of the home. They both grew up in homes that used the kitchen as a place to come together for quality family time. Now that they have their own family, they want to continue that tradition. Also, as people who love to cook and entertain, the couple needs a space that’s open and communal.

The kitchen they are coming from is the typical small rental in Vancouver. These kitchens are not built to last and they lack the practical use of space and storage. Having the opportunity to apply what they’ve learned from what doesn't work in their inadequate kitchen, the couple were able to design a beautiful and functional space that will meet all of their needs. For Craig, the kitchen design was a way to express their personal style and taste. They love a blend of traditional details that are enhanced by modern clean lines. Kendra looked at the design with more of a particular eye when planning how everything would be organized in the cabinets so there would be as little clutter as possible on the countertops.

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While they made a good team planning the flow of the kitchen and its overall style, they both had their specific wishes. Craig wanted the island to be the versatile centerpiece of the kitchen so it could be used for everything from food prepping, to paying bills. And everyone knows, the party always ends up in the kitchen! The island had to have space for friends to gather around for drinks. With the beautiful surroundings The Trail House is emersed in, Kendra was adamant about the kitchen sink being centered on a window that has the best view from the house. It's a very clever way to get everyone fighting over who gets to do the dishes at the end of a meal!

Canadian built furniture
Canadian built furniture

This post is just a teaser for The Trail House kitchen! Keep following the Union Wood Co. blog and on Instagram to see install photos and watch as the project progresses. You can also check out our last post about The Trail House - 3 Tips for Anyone Building Their Own Cabin (Or House!) 

Thinking of doing a kitchen remodel or building one from scratch? We’d love to work with you! Contact us at the shop to start designing your dream kitchen.

WRITTEN BY: Todd Mitchell

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