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Product Care


All products are finished to our high standards of quality, and are made to last a lifetime. Care is taken by our woodworkers in each step of the construction process. All pieces of furniture are finished with a low VOC Polyx-Oil finish. Hardwearing and durable, the finish is derived from sustainable vegetable oils and waxes from renewable resources. Not only water repellent and resistant to tea, wine, beer, coffee and other acidic liquids, it will also never crack, peel or blister.

Since your piece of furniture is going to be around for a long time, don't be afraid to give it a simple reapplication after years of wear. Please visit the Shop to find the right finish or give us a shout.

Care for Your Furniture

Over the first few weeks and months please take extra care with your new piece of furniture while the oil cures and the wood matures and settles into your environment.

Though built for durability and longevity, any movement, checks, knots, warping, swelling and discolouration are intrinsic characteristics of solid wood furniture. There are also diverse environmental issues that may affect your furniture. Light, temperature and humidity are all contributing factors to the health and well being of your furniture.


Depending on age and usage your wood furniture may by thirsty for another coat of finish. Building up coats of finish over time is always a good way to keep it looking fresh and new.

Please contact us at for a rejuvenation kit specific to your piece.


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