How to Order Custom Furniture

Get all of the info and tips you need for ordering custom furniture with us!
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How to Choose the Right Table for Dining, Working, Meeting & More

Need help figuring our table clearances or picking a table shape? In this post we go over everything that will help you find the perfect table for you.
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Table Size & Seating Capacity Guide

Find and download our easy to read seating charts here. We've done all the math for you!
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How To Use The Furniture Care Kit

Get step-by-step instructions for making furniture repairs with our furniture care kit.
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Shipping & Delivery Options at Union Wood Co

Everything you need to know about our shipping and delivery options.
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How to Clean and Disinfect Your Wood Table

Learn our tips and tricks for ensuring your table finish stays as great as the day you got it!
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Domino Connector Installation Guide

Download our free domino connector instruction guide here.
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